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Secret Sunday Stashes

January 17, 2014

After an amazing ski day on Saturday, I woke up so sore (I’m apparently not 18 anymore) and not expecting nearly as fabulous a day on the hill.  It hadn’t snowed overnight and flakes were just starting to fall again, accompanied by high winds and colder temperatures.  It was honestly hard to motivate myself to put down the cup of coffee and leave my warm house, but I’m SO glad that I did.

Upon hearing that a lot of the terrain in Vail was closed due to wind, my partner-in-crime and I opted to spend our day skiing Beaver Creek.

Vail’s lesser-known neighbor is a fabulous mountain with two characteristics that made it ideal on this blustery Sunday: lots of excellent tree skiing and reliably small crowds.

Beaver Creek

The winds and falling snow made visibility impossible out on the open runs, but once we entered the trees the entire world was better.  No really.

Beaver Creek Powder Stash

We could see perfectly, the trees kept the wind at bay, and most importantly we found a stash of deep, un-skied-upon powder from the previous day.

Beaver Creek Powder Stash

There’s no way I’m publishing the location of our stash – to check it out you’ll have to ski with me.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

Beaver Creek tree skiing

Anyway, we lapped the same gladed area for at least two hours.  And the most amazing thing was that even though we were essentially skiing the same run, every time it felt brand new and totally different.

Beaver Creek Tree Skiing

We were able to find new mini-stashes of boot-top- and knee-deep powder with each new line.

Beaver Creek Powder Stash

Beaver Creek Powder Stash

It was hard to contain our shouts of joy, but we tried to in order to avoid alerting others to our location.  In the couple of hours we spent in our heavenly glade, we only saw a handful of other skiers.

Beaver Creek Powder

It was probably the best day of tree skiing that I’ve ever had.  We reluctantly tore ourselves away from our little slice of paradise only because we had a Broncos playoff game to watch.

Skiing back toward our car, we were positively giddy over our day.  So much so that we took a lovely series of selfies while skiing down the catwalk.

Skiing Selfie Collage

And tried and failed to capture an action shot of me in some trees where it was completely flat and there wasn’t actually any action to capture.  (I hadn’t gotten an action shot earlier that day so this seemed to be the most logical solution.)

Action-less shot

Here’s me. Not even moving a little bit.

Cruising down our last run of the day, I finally got my action shot.  We also discovered that the buttery groomers were almost as fantastic as our powder stash.Action shot Beaver Creek

Wait, that’s a complete lie.  The trees were way better, but the groomers were still pretty great.  As we started down our last run of the day, we saw blue sky peeking out from between the clouds.  Thinking that the day’s storm was over made us feel a lot better about heading off the hill to go watch football.

Blue sky

Now all I can think about is how badly I want to ski again.  Sorry if I’ve made you feel the same way!

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  1. January 17, 2014 8:05 am

    Stay out of my stash lol

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