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Travel Theme: Possibility

January 8, 2014

Every week, Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack creates a travel theme for the week and posts photos that revolve around that theme.  She invites other travel bloggers to get in on the fun too, and this week I decided to join the party.  In keeping with the spirit of reflection, renewal and resolutions that a new year inspires, this week’s travel theme is possibility.  Here are a few of my favorite snaps representing that theme:

Chatham Beach Fog

On a morning spent practicing yoga on Chatham Lighthouse Beach this summer, the dense fog made it impossible to see more than a few yards in front of me.  It left me feeling peaceful in my bubble but also inspired by the thought that anything could be just beyond my line of vision.

Chatham Lighthouse Beach

Staring down a long bump run while skiing is a moment full of possibility: the possibility of finding the perfect line and crushing your run to the bottom, the possibility of your quads starting to literally smoke from exertion on the way down, or the more likely possibility that lies somewhere in between.

Grouse Mountain Beaver Creek

This photo of a friend dropping off of a cornice onto a steep run below brings me back to a feeling of excited, nervous anticipation.  Again, it’s possible that the next few seconds could go one of two very different directions.

Lovers Leap Vail CO

Sunrises always inspire me with a feeling of peacefulness and possibility.  The visual promise of a new day, and a beautiful one at that, always makes happy to be awake.  This sunrise over the water outside of Santorini foreshadowed a just-as-beautiful day.

Santorini Sunrise

And watching the sun rise over a nearby mountaintop while perched on top of a mountain myself made me feel like I was literally on top of the world.

My Powershot S110 captures some images that my iPhone just can't.

Today, I’m excited about the possibilities that 2014 holds.  It could be a year of major change for me professionally (news to come if and when the changes are set in stone), and I know that it could shape up to be the most challenging and rewarding year I’ve had in a while.  I hope you’re facing some exciting possibilities of your own in this new year!

Mountain Sunrise

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  1. January 8, 2014 7:59 am

    Love this! Beautifully said! xoxo


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