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Vail Restaurant Week at Terra Bistro

October 21, 2013

Recently, Vail and Beaver Creek restaurants collaborated for their first ever Restaurant Week.  October is typically a slow time in the valley, so some of the best restaurants in the valley offered specials for $20.13.  True to form, I took full advantage of this special with a fantastic girls’ night of tapas and wine at The Met in Beaver Creek and a swanky double date at Terra Bistro.

Terra Bistro is one of the most popular high-end restaurants in Vail, and I’d only eaten there once years ago.  For Restaurant Week, they were offering any appetizer and entrée for $20.13, which is at least half-off.  A dinner there was a no-brainer, so we recruited another couple of friends and made a Friday night reservation.

Terra Bistro Double Date

Terra Bistro was slammed that night, so we had to wait at the bar with a cocktail for a short while before our table was ready.  (Like my use of “had to” there?)

Terra Bistro Bar

I enjoyed a glass of red wine while my companions sipped their cocktails.  I love the atmosphere at Terra.  I’d describe it as contemporary and cosmopolitan but also earthy.

Terra Bistro bar

Once seated, we all started pretty much drooling over the menu.  It was tough to choose from so many enticing options.  We stalled by choosing a bottle of wine for the table.  While Terra Bistro has an extensive wine menu, it’s also an expensive wine menu and they didn’t have many options in our $50 and under price range. That made it pretty easy to choose a bottle of Syrah that was delicious and one of the few we could comfortably afford.

After some serious help from our waitress, Stanley and I selected two appetizers to split –  Warm Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese with beet & sun dried cherry compote and crispy feuilles de brick (whatever those are):

Terra Bistro goat cheese app

And Sweet Potato Ravioli topped with chopped mesclun salad with crumbled amish blue, toasted walnuts, and sherry vinaigrette:

Terra Bistro Ravioli app

I really liked both dishes, with their unique combinations of flavors and ingredients, but the ravioli was my favorite.  For my entrée, I chose Jerk Spiced Cobia with roasted banana-sweet potato mash, garlic spinach and citrus chile sauce.  Cobia is a mild white fish, and just as the waitress had promised, the spicy, sweet and tangy flavors melded perfectly.

Terra Bistro Cobia

The flavor combination was also excellent in Stan’s Grilled Pork Tenderloin with fried asparagus, granny smith apple slaw, whole grain mostarda, fresh tarrragon, lemon oil.

Terra Bistro Pork Tenderloin

Our friends enjoyed their Bistro Filet steaks as well.

Terra Bistro steak

There wasn’t a bad meal in the bunch.  I was also impressed that Terra offered pricey entrées like the Cobia and steak (both normally $36) as a part of their $20.13 special rather than limiting the menu.  That said, I’m pretty sure they still made a nice profit on tables like ours by the time we added in wine and dessert.

Along with the food, the best thing about our evening at Terra Bistro was the company – we had a blast chatting and laughing with our friends over dinner.  I absolutely loved Restaurant Week as it gave me the chance to try restaurants where I otherwise probably wouldn’t have dined.  I really hope it becomes a yearly tradition here in the Vail Valley!

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  1. October 21, 2013 11:01 pm

    That food looks fantastic! I see you had to rip people away from their noshing so you could get the food pics! I’ve had to do that a time or two! 🙂

    • October 22, 2013 2:06 pm

      It really was! I’m actually usually the biggest offender when it comes to that… I tend to dive right in before remembering to take a photo and have to strategically turn my plate around before shooting. Oops 🙂

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