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Chatham Night Out

September 27, 2013

Taking another recommendation from the book of all knowledge prepared by the owners of our inn, we headed out for a fancy date night, starting with cocktails on the patio of the Chatham Bars Inn.

Cocktails at Chatham Bars Inn

The Chatham Bars Inn is the nicest hotel/resort in Chatham, and dinner in their dining room would have been a little out of our league.  Never the type to be put off by that sort of thing, we decided to enjoy a sunset cocktail on their patio Veranda overlooking the water.

Cocktails at Chatham Bars Inn

Figuring I might as well get fancy with it, I ordered a frou-frou cocktail with grapefruit vodka and elderberry liqueur.  It was tasty and refreshing, but I rarely enjoy a cocktail as much as a good glass of wine.  We also wanted something to snack on, so we splashed out on a Red Dragon Roll.

Sushi at Chatham Bars Inn

This pricey but tasty sushi roll included lobster, Asian pear and arugula.  It was definitely some of the most unusual sushi I’ve tasted to date.

Cocktails at Chatham Bars Inn

Even without a true sunset on this cloudy evening, it was a gorgeous spot to sit and chat over a cocktail.  Not wanting to go broke over dinner, we tore ourselves away from the patio and headed downtown to find a slightly more reasonable spot for our main course.

Chatham Bistro

We ended up at Vining’s Bistro, apparently also called Bistro on Main, after wandering up and down the street for quite a while.  It turned out to be a great choice.


Since appetizer #1 was already about an hour in the past, we started with an order of crab and clam fritters that were as crispy and delicious as they were un-photogenic.


Wanting to continue getting my seafood fix before heading back to landlocked Colorado, I ordered the Ciopino – a stew chock full of mussels, clams, scallops, shrimp and other goodies in a rich tomato broth.

Chatham Bistro

Stan wasn’t crazy about his Thai beef salad, but I loved the couple of bites that I scored.

Chatham Lighthouse

After dinner, we made the short drive over the Chatham Lighthouse Beach in order to see the lighthouse in action after dark.  It was a gorgeous way to end our perfect Chatham night out.

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