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Monomoy Wildlife Refuge

September 23, 2013

After a delicious breakfast our first morning on the Cape, the sun started to break through the clouds for the first time in days.  Though it wasn’t warm enough to proceed with my original plan for our time in Chatham – laying on the beach – it was certainly nice enough for a long walk along the coast.

Monomoy Wildlife Refuge

So we headed just a mile or so past the Chatham Lighthouse to the start of the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge.  Monomoy is a refuge for migratory birds and is composed of a long stretch of beach and a couple of barrier islands that we admired from afar.

Monomoy Wildlife Refuge

This stretch of beach essentially hangs off the “elbow” of Cape Cod.  It was beautiful, interspersed with tidal pools on that day.

Chatham Beach

The water was cold and crystal clear.

Monomoy Wildlife Refuge

After dreading a forecast that showed rain for practically our entire time on the Cape, I was thrilled to stretch my legs along this untouched stretch of beach with the sun sparkling off the water.

Horseshoe crabs

We didn’t really see any wildlife in this refuge, unless you count these shed shells (do you call them shells?) of horseshoe crabs that littered the beach.

Monomoy Kiteboarders

When we reached the point, we were treated to a view of dozens of kiteboarders out in the water.  The boyfriend is a bit of a kiteboarding enthusiast, so we were both thrilled to sit and watch them do their thing.

Kiteboarders at Monomoy

I’d never seen so many kiteboarders in one place.  I was pretty impressed that they managed not to run into one another or get tangled up in each other’s lines.

Monomoy Kiteboarding

We sat watching them for a while.  I was perfectly content to be taking in the scene from my relaxing spot on the shoreline, but I’m pretty sure this guy was itching to get in the water.


After spending quite some time watching these guys zip along with the wind, we decided to make our way back down the beach.

Monomoy Kiteboarders

Of all the stretches of beach that we walked in and around Chatham, and there were a few, Monomoy was definitely my favorite.  It was easy to see why so many birds make this their stop-over on their vacations south – I wouldn’t have minded staying there a while either!

Monomoy Wildlife Refuge

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  1. MikeW permalink
    September 23, 2013 6:54 am

    Great post! Makes me want to spend a week on the coast anywhere! Miss it much.

    • September 24, 2013 9:37 am

      I feel you – water is the only thing we’re really missing here in Colorado. A week somewhere a little more tropical sounds like paradise right about now…


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