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Family, Running and History – Boston Day 2

September 10, 2013

If you’ve been reading long or have ever travelled with me, you know that I love to run while on vacation.  I’m all about exploring new places on foot, and when I can combine that with my workout for the day I’m one happy camper.  Vacation is probably the only time that I genuinely look forward to running.

I’m so glad that I managed to wake up early both mornings I spent in Boston to run around the city.  These runs were some of my favorite parts of my trip.  On day 1, I ran from my hotel to Boston Common and the Public Garden.

Boston Common

Boston Common is the oldest public park in America and is composed of paved paths winding through playing fields, ponds, trees and recreational structures.

Boston Common

It also contains some of the cutest bronze sculptures I’ve ever seen.

Boston Common Art

Make Way for Ducklings

After running the length of the Common, I entered the Public Garden, Boston’s botanical garden.

Boston Public Garden

This park had more beautiful vegetation and sculptures.

Boston Public Garden

It’s also home to a pond where you can take a ride on Boston’s famous Swan Boats.

Swan Boats Boston

After looping through the gardens, I made my way up Beacon Hill, one of the ritziest residential areas of Boston.  (BTW, I loved that I knew everything that I was running by thanks to the information on our Duck Tour the day before.)

Beacon Hill

From there, I ran past the New State House on my way back toward the hotel.

New State House Boston

Next I passed an old cemetery where I knew from our tour the prior day that Sam Adams and a couple of our other founding fathers are buried.  I only specifically remembered that Sam Adams was there because our guide pointed out the cemetery and the bar across the street, quipping that it was the only place on earth where you could, “Drink a cold Sam Adams across the street from a cold Sam Adams.”  Some descriptions just stick with you.

Sam Adams Grave

After pausing to check out the cemetery I jogged back to the hotel to get ready for the day.  After grabbing a quick breakfast, we headed out for the main event of our time in Boston: venturing out to nearby Woburn to spend some time with my Nana (that’s my grandmother, in case that wasn’t immediately obvious).

I hadn’t seen her in entirely too long and was still disappointed to have missed a big birthday party in her honor back in October, so getting up to see Nana was the impetus for our trip back East.  An issue picking up our rental car (I will probably never Priceline a car again, nor will I rent from Hertz) cut into our time, but we managed to make it to Woburn for a late lunch.

When we got to Woburn, I was taken in with what a cute little New England town it is.  Then, we got to check out Nana’s digs before she took us to Tanner Tavern for lunch.  Tanner’s felt like a quintessential New England pub to me, and we all enjoyed our meals.  My bowl of clam chowder chowdah was the best I had all trip and maybe ever.  It was a perfect choice for a lunch spot.

Nana and Me

We had a great time catching up that afternoon.  I loved getting to finally introduce Stan to my Nana and even learned a few things I hadn’t known about my own family history through their conversations.  It’s funny the questions I don’t think to ask.

When I left Woburn later that afternoon, it was with a renewed determination to stay in better touch with my family.  I talk to my parents all the time, but am not so hot at keeping in touch with the rest of my family.  Extended family, if you’re reading this please hold me accountable!

After sampling a little more of the area’s public transportation, we got back to the city with enough time to relax a little before our next big event – dinner in the North End.  Recap, as always, is to come!


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