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Mt. Sanitas Hike

May 31, 2013

Last weekend I arrived in Boulder, Colorado eager to hike.  It has been feeling warm and summery up in the high country, but snow still covers most of the trails in the mountains (this is a huge plus when it comes to drought- and fire-prevention, so I’m not really complaining).  At about 5,400 feet, Boulder is considerably lower in elevation than Edwards, so the trails down there are dry and ready.  Our first stop was the Mt. Sanitas Trail.

Mt. Sanitas Hike

I had never hiked it before, but Mt. Sanitas is apparently a pretty popular trail in Boulder and it was easy to see why.  It’s an invigorating 1.5 hour round-trip to and from the summit that’s steep enough to give you a good workout without wasting any time.  Plus, it opens up  quickly to gorgeous views over Boulder with a pretty spectacular summit.

Mt. Sanitas Hike

Along the way, wildflowers grew out of the arid soil.

Mt. Sanitas Hike

And we passed some seriously cool rock formations.

Mt. Sanitas Trail

The trail was steep enough – and it’s early enough in the season that I’m out of shape enough – that I was more than happy to stop at an overlook to catch my breath and take a few photos while taking in the views.

Mt. Sanitas Views

Mt. Sanitas Hike

There were points where I was seriously sucking wind (my friends are fast hikers) and starting to wonder if these summit views could be as fabulous as they were supposed to be.  Once we finally reached that glorious peak, they truly were.

Mt. Sanitas Summit View

Mt. Sanitas Summit

Mt. Sanitas Summit

With all of Boulder spread out before us, I was really interested to see how large the city is, but also how well-planned it is and how much green space is left.  My favorite Colorado dog was more interested in scoring a sip off of my Camelback.

Ella at the Summit

A group of hikers who’d beat us to the top took what looked like the coolest perch, in my opinion, so I got them back by taking a creeper photo and then posting it to my blog.

Mt. Sanitas Summit

After hanging out and enjoying the views and refreshing breezes for a while, we headed back down the trail.

Mt. Sanitas Descent

I haven’t done many hikes in Boulder so I’m not exactly an authority, but if you want to do one where you get a great view over the town, I can’t imagine one much better than this.  My advice is to go early and avoid the heat of the day, bring lots of water and have a great time!

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  1. May 31, 2013 10:18 am

    Looks beautiful! This hike is now on my to do list for a weekend day in June : )

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