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Rainy Day Dinner at Kaluz Ft. Lauderdale

May 10, 2013

We’ve been back in Colorado for almost a week, but jumping straight off the plane from Florida into a busy work week meant that I haven’t had time to check in here yet – I hate it when the day job gets in the way!  Anyway, backtracking almost a week, we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale last Thursday morning to a sub-par beach day.

Rainy Day

Early on, it was overcast but dry enough to sit around the pool reading my book.  I wasn’t getting any sun, but feeling the warm, humid air on my skin was enough for me.  Then the skies opened up and it rained as hard as I’ve ever seen it rain.

Monsoon rain

Figuring the day was a wash for the beach or pool, my mom and I headed over to get our nails done (the first pedicure of the year on toes that have been in ski boots all season is straight up embarrassing), then grabbed the boys and headed to the movies. 

A1A Flooding

On the way there, we drove along the beach and A1A was flooded by water about a foot high.  I’d never seen anything like it.  Then, when we got to the movie theater, my dad dropped the three of us at the door and parked the car, only to have to wade through knee-deep water on his way in (what a guy!).  With Ft. Lauderdale being right at sea level, when it rains like this there’s really nowhere for the water to go, so it floods pretty easily.

We saw 42, the Jackie Robinson movie, which was phenomenal.  I highly recommend it.  Once the movie was over it was time for an early dinner at Kaluz, a newish restaurant on Commercial Boulevard.


  (Image Source)

I loved the decor of this restaurant.  It was hip and contemporary with lots of windows to let in the views of the Intercoastal.





There is also a beautiful patio that would have been a great place to sit in nice weather. If you’re lucky enough to check out Kaluz on a clear evening, promise me you’ll sit outside.  I braved the wind and rain to duck outside when our waitress pointed out that there was a rainbow.  It was so faint that you can barely see it below but it was pretty special in person.

Rainbow at Kaluz

We were hungry when we sat down, so we ordered a couple of appetizers that arrived in record time.  First up was a Shrimp and Goat Cheese Flatbread with dates, balsamic onions and red bell peppers.  The flatbread itself was thin, crispy and almost cracker-like.  It was a perfect appetizer in that it was delicious and enough to stop the stomach from rumbling but not enough to fill us up.

Kaluz Shrimp and Goat Cheese Flatbread

Along with the flatbread we shared an order of Ceviche Mixto – a combination of shrimp, salmon, jalapeno, ginger, onion and lime juice.  It was fresh and delicious but didn’t disappear nearly as quickly as the flatbread.

Kaluz Ceviche

To drink, the guys ordered cocktails and later joined my mom and me in a bottle of Silver Palm Cabernet.  I loved this wine for the taste and the pretty bottle and think it would make a great bottle to bring as a hostess gift for the cab-drinking beach-goer in your life.


Silver Palm

(Image Source)

Kaluz wine rack

Our only complaint about dinner was that the pacing was actually too fast.  Our entrees arrived maybe 5 minutes after we ordered them, while we were still enjoying our ceviche.  Our waitress looked shocked when she saw that they’d arrived (a food runner brought them out) and apologized.  It wasn’t a big deal, and I’d rather have too-fast service than too-slow, but especially on a rainy evening when dinner is the main event, I would have preferred a more leisurely pace.  The restaurant is still new, so I guess it’s a good sign that that was the biggest problem we ran into.  The food was fantastic, which helped us quickly move on!

For dinner I ordered the Scallops Pomegranate, which were perfectly cooked and buttery, with none of the grittiness that can sometimes turn me off about scallops.  The pomegranate reduction and fruit chutney they were served with complimented the scallops perfectly.  They came with a yummy quinoa salad but I was too full from the apps to eat too much of it. 

Kaluz scallops

My dining companions went the beefy route, with a couple Prime Burgers for the guys (burgers topped with shaved prime rib) and the Prime Rib special for my mom.  They were all very happy with their meals and the bite of burger and sweet potato fries I snagged were delicious.

For dessert we all shared an order of Grand Marnier Bread Pudding which was delicious as well, and arrived after a suitable time period passed 🙂

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Kaluz and I would love to go back on another trip to Ft. Lauderdale – preferably on a nice day when we could arrive by boat and sit on the gorgeous patio!

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  1. October 10, 2013 12:42 pm

    Fun review!, I designed the Beehive Chandeliers for Kaluz. Can’t wait to try the food next time I visit!

    • October 10, 2013 1:14 pm

      That’s awesome – I love those chandeliers! They’re such cool, unique pieces and really contribute to the overall vibe of the restaurant, which I just loved. You’re one talented lady! I hope you enjoy eating there as much as I did 🙂


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