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Taking it Easy

March 12, 2013

After so many weekends in a row packed with skiing hard, snowshoeing and patio partying, I guess I was about due for a low-key weekend.  Although I was sure to get up to Beaver Creek for a few runs each day, I just wasn’t feeling the energy I’ve had lately.  With two weekends of traveling coming up in a row(!) I was more than ok with that.  That said, highlights of my lazy weekend included…


Dog sitting my friend’s adorable lab and taking her for so many walks that she decided to plop her lazy butt down on the sidewalk when she didn’t want to go any farther.

Lazy Ella

Going out to dinner with family when my uncle and his fiance came to visit.  We went to Marko’s, a casual pizza place in Edwards, followed by after-dinner drinks at Vista at Arrowhead. Vista is a restaurant that’s been in the valley for ages but just moved to its location in the Arrowhead golf clubhouse a few years ago.  I hadn’t been since their move and was eager to check it out.

We went to Vista to listen to longtime  Vail piano man Micky Poage.  I hadn’t heard of Micky before but he’s been playing in Vail since the 1970s and made the move to Vista about a year and a half ago.  Micky is a beautiful pianist and played lovely arrangements of popular songs as well as some I didn’t know.

Apparently his loyal following trailed him down-valley and the crowd is especially lively during the summer months.  I can’t wait to go back once it’s warm and their beautiful patio is open.

On Saturday night, we grabbed a table near the piano around 8:30 p.m. and ordered a round of drinks while listening to the music.  The atmosphere is upscale but cozy and I felt comfortable even though it’s somewhere I’d consider going for a “fancier” night out.  Drinks aren’t very expensive either and I enjoyed my current favorite after-dinner drink, a blend of Bailey’s and Frangelico called a Nutty Irishman.

I capped off the weekend with a mellow Sunday afternoon hike with a couple of friends.

Vail Trail

We hiked the Vail Trail, which dumped us off in Vail Village to meet some other friends for apres ski (apres hike?) drinks.

Vail Trail Hike

It felt good to get some exercise and I always enjoy exploring familiar summer territory when it’s snow-covered in the winter.  The snow was deeper than expected and it was a challenge to stay upright.  I post-holed through the snow with my leg a couple of times and was up to my thigh in snow.

Vail Trail

From there I arrived back at the house to a home-cooked meal courtesy of my roommate and spent a relaxing evening on the couch.  After a low-key weekend, I’m more than ready to jet off to Portland, OR on Thursday night!  Any tips on what to see and do while I’m there?

P.S. In reading back through this post I had to laugh that my current version of a lazy weekend includes skiing, hiking and a couple of fun nights out.  A few years ago a “lazy weekend” would have been spent on the couch with movies, take out and a bottle of wine.  I love this Colorado lifestyle!

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