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Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer

March 6, 2013

This weekend I mixed up my routine of ski-apres-sleep, ski-apres-sleep with a really fun event: the Tubbs Colorado Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer snowshoe series benefitting Susan G Komen for the Cure. The Colorado Romp is in Frisco, a gorgeous town about 45 minutes east of Edwards in Summit County. Apparently it is one of many Romps across the country, and collectively the Romp to Stomp is the largest snowshoe series in America. Cool, huh? The Colorado Romp started in 2003, and we were on target to hit the $1 million mark this weekend for funds raised since its inception.

Colorado Romp to Stomp

It was my first year participating in the Romp, and if I’m being 100% honest I’ve got to admit that I almost skipped it. I had a late night the night before and really wanted to ski all day Saturday (my life is hard…) but I am SO glad I rallied and got my booty out of bed and down to Frisco.

Like any breast cancer charity event, the crowd was decked out in pink. Some people came in full-on costumes that made my pink shirt look pretty pathetic.


The event was spectacularly well-organized and efficient – parking was well marked, shuttles ran regularly to the race site, and there were tons of volunteers directing us around. Plus, there was even a free pancake breakfast at the start.

Pancake Breakfast

Catch that mid-air flip coming at me!

Catch that mid-air flip coming at me!

I managed to catch two pancakes mid-air before turning away because I thought I only got two, only to see number three splat on the ground. Pancake fail. But the two I got were delicious – great way to start an event on a winter morning! 

The race expo was made up of a couple dozen tents offering coffee, tea, snacks and awesome swag like these pink glasses.  There was also plenty of information on breast cancer research, self exams and other important topics.

Pinked Out

The Romp started out with a “Lil Romper Dash” for kids, which was as cute as it was short.  The winning girl made it to the finish before the littlest kids even crossed the starting line.

Little Romper

Then, a Zumba instructor from a local gym led us through a little warm up exercise.  It was totally fun and totally goofy.

Zumba Warm Up


The adult events kicked off with a 3k snowshoe race, where the hardcore snowshoers battled it out on a single track trail of deep snow.  I know for a fact that I’d face plant every other step if I tried to run in snowshoes, so I happily participated in the next event, the 5k walk (there was also a 3k option).  My friend and I made our way toward the starting line and got ready to romp.

Ready to Romp

We made sure to get spots just behind the starting line at the recommendation of my fellow romper who’d done this event a few times before.  It was a great call because 1. We didn’t have to worry about trying to pass people, 2. We had a clear view of the beautiful scenery, and 3. The freshly groomed trail we walked on wasn’t chewed up by other rompers ahead of us.

Romp to Stomp

The 5k trail wound around the Frisco Nordic Center with 360 degrees of mountain views and glances of snow-covered Lake Dillon. It was a truly beautiful area that I’d never explored before and we were lucky enough to get a warm sunny day to really take it in.

Frisco Nordic Center

Romp to Stomp

Despite the relatively flat course, a brisk 5k snowshoe walk made for a great workout for me.  On such a warm day, I was sweating and down to my lightest layer early on in the walk.

Frisco Nordic Center

As we were nearing the end of the loop, we came around a corner and could see droves of other rompers walking toward us.  During events like this I always love the feeling I get from working toward a common goal with a large group of like-minded people, so it was awesome to see the train of 2,000ish rompers behind us.

Romp to Stomp

The 5k loop took us right around an hour to complete.  Afterward we dashed back through the expo to get snacks for the road and pick up our goodie bags, then got in the car to head back to our side of the mountains.

I had a blast at the romp, and I also appreciated that between the early start time and the efficient transportation to and from the park, I was able to be back in Vail on skis by noon.  It was a perfect Spring ski day, and I really felt like I squeezed every perfect Colorado moment out of that Saturday.

Vail Back Bowls


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