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More of the Same

February 26, 2013

This weekend was more of the same in my world…

More delicious snow.

Snowy Ski Day

More great skiing with wonderful friends.

Gold Dust

Another visit to C Bar.

C Bar

This time we tried the Shaved Prime Rib Nachos, which were just as delicious and ridiculous as they sound.  And much tastier than they look.

Prime Rib Nachos

And participated in a festive complementary champagne toast at 3:30 p.m.

Champagne Toast


Because the weather was wonderfully snowy this weekend, I my ski adventures didn’t lend themselves to many beautiful photographs (as you already know from reading this far).  So here are a couple of my favorite pics from last weekend.

I ski with some badass chicks... dropping in to Lover's Leap in Vail.

I ski with some awesome chicks… dropping in to Lover’s Leap in Vail.

Lover's Leap

When life is this good I never mind more of the same old thing! I do have a few exciting weekends coming up though… The Burton US Open in Vail this Weekend, a trip to Portland, OR in March, and a weekend visiting my aunt in Carmel, CA shortly after that.  As much as I’ve been enjoying my own backyard lately, I can’t wait to mix it up.

Any tips on where to go and what to eat in Portland?


What are your thoughts?

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