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Snow! Finally!

January 31, 2013

I would SO rather be skiing today.  We are finally getting some white gold, with Vail reporting another 9 inches overnight.  It is long overdue and this girl is pretty excited.  I really can’t complain about being stuck at work today because when my friends came to town I took a glorious 4-day weekend and spent the majority of it on my skis.  The conditions were the best I’ve skied in a long time and we had an amazing few days.

We spent our first day at Vail.  We hit it hard from about 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with only a short lunch break – a truly impressive feat for my visitors who came from sea level and hadn’t snowboarded yet this season.  My friends are rock stars.  It was really foggy and snowing wet snow off and on all day, so I didn’t break out the camera at all.  We did stop to have an Epic Mix photo taken.

Foggy Vail

You should be able to see all the way to the dramatic Gore Range in the background of that photo, if that gives you any idea how foggy it was.  I was a little nervous leading a group around Vail in the fog since it’s a huge mountain that I admittedly don’t know nearly as well as Beaver Creek.  We did lose one for a bit, but he found his way back to us (sorry!).

There were a few inches of fresh snow that morning and the snow conditions were awesome.  Unfortunately the visibility was so bad that we didn’t dare venture to Vail’s famous Back Bowls – I was disappointed not to show them off to my friends, but we had an awesome time on the front side.

Day 2 turned into an off-mountain day (which then turned into a spa day – recap to come!) due to a pretty extreme bout of altitude sickness.  We made it as fun of a rest day as possible, and got ready to head to Beaver Creek the next day.

It was super-foggy again, so we stuck to Arrowhead and Bachelor’s Gulch on the west side of Beaver Creek. That part of the mountain is lower in elevation than the main mountain and we were mostly below the clouds.  I had so much fun cruising around with a pack of snowboarders and whipped out my camera when the sun came out for the last hour of our day.

Snowboard Angel

Strapping in

It had been a long time since I’d gone out riding with a big group of boarders.  All that strapping in and out seemed like a lot of work, but it didn’t seem to interfere with their fun!

Sunshine on Bachelor's Gulch

Sunshine Snowboarders

On our final ski day together, we got what we’d all been hoping for… a POWDER DAY!  It wasn’t your typical powder day in that it barely snowed at all the night before, but it was dumping on us all day and probably accumulated 8 inches or so while we were skiing.  After every run we were looking at each other in amazement – it just kept getting better!

Powder day

It was one of those days when you find yourself literally hooting and hollering (yeah, I said it), and usually get some enthusiast shouts back in reply. 

There is an actual powder celebration dance going on in this picture.

There is an actual powder celebration dance going on in this picture.

I didn’t do a good job of capturing the extent of the fluffy white stuff, so let me share this photo that Beaver Creek posted on their Facebook page the day after the storm:

Um, yeah.  It was hands-down the best ski day I’ve had yet this season.  If you really want to make yourself jealous, check out this YouTube video too.

Thanks to my wonderful friends for getting me on the hill for such an awesome time! 

Epic Mix


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