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Holiday Flashback: Christmas Town

January 13, 2013

So I know the Christmas season is officially behind us and most of you are making plans for a fabulous 2013.  I’m trying to get on that track too, but I don’t think I can move on until I share the highlight of my Christmas vacation: Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Christmas Town Panorama

Busch Gardens is a fantastic theme park in my hometown of Williamsburg, VA.  As kids, we would get season passes and spend the bulk of our summers at Busch Gardens.  The rides are a ton of fun, and the park is designed to resemble Europe, with each section as a different country.  I’ve only been a handful of times in recent years, but each time I do I am blown away by how much fun it is.

Which brings me to my family’s new Christmas tradition.  Last year, we went to Christmas Town, and decided it was a must-do for every Christmas going forward.  What is Christmas Town?  Every year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Busch Gardens is decked out in Christmas lights and open in the evenings for visitors.  A handful of the rides are running and there are holiday-themed shows and overpriced food and beer for you and your family to enjoy.

Christmas Town - Festhaus

Side note: Because almost all of my Busch Gardens memories are from childhood, I didn’t even remember that one of the perks of Busch Gardens was that they serve beer (for the reasonable price of $7 for a Bud Light), and adults can stroll around the whole park with a drink in their hand.  This is definitely the kind of place that is tons of fun booze-free, but it is a nice option.

We had a blast at Christmas Town this year.  The light displays were fantastic, and we had a great time on the rides, particularly the new roller coaster Verbolten. I think I’ll let the photos do the explaining:

Christmas Town - Ireland

Christmas Town Games

Christmas Town

Christmas Town

Christmas Town

Christmas Town

Christmas Town

Christmas Town

I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. donna permalink
    January 13, 2013 1:37 pm

    Great photos, great memories, great pretzel dogs!


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